1. Natasha Bai
    Moscow, Russia
  2. Bawrut
    Madrid, Spain
  3. C.A.R.
    London, UK
  4. Flug 8
    North Denmark Region, Denmark
  5. Hologram Teen
    Los Angeles, California
  6. Lunar Orbit Rendezvous
    Belfast, UK
  7. Mother of Mars
    New York, New York
  8. Timothy Clerkin
    Manchester, UK
  9. Graintable
    Portland, Oregon
  10. Fit of Body
    Atlanta, Georgia
  11. Gafacci
    Accra, Ghana
  12. Smagghe & Cross
    London, UK
  13. Placid One
    Ciney, Belgium


Ransom Note Records London, UK

Ransom Note is an online music, arts and culture magazine. We also have a record label and curate events the world over..
We provide a home for readers and writers with boundless enthusiasm, esoteric knowledge, fierce opinions and impeccable taste.

Our office is fuelled by Tunnock’s Bars, cat memes, hangovers and a ridiculous, never ending love for our culture.

With love until the grave,
R$N x
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